Superbox, being one of our favourite clients to work with, allowed us to build their digital brand from the get-go. Although we lacked relative experience in the supermarket industry, we made sure to break through many barriers with a superstar brand.

We were asked to make Superbox into a people’s brand with our personal touch of creativity. So we set sail on this journey with the tools of content preparation, graphic creation, social media strategies, lead generation, and analysing sales and paid advertisement data.

After a tricky start to choosing a colour palette, we settled for a pink undertone as a base colour and tried all sorts of colour combos (eventually making us pros at this game). Maintaining the primary colour was crucial as it had to mirror the customer base. So, here’s what we came up with!

“You are very driven to get more key accounts and the team was very resource oriented. I found you very good at managing budgets, when I give you $500, you would do it in $250 and you would over achieve and show us the stats. All the visuals that you sent us was very out of the box thinking. Kudos to you and the visual guys. So overall, I would give you, 4.5 stars out of 5 stars as theres always room for improvement”

Dulith Herath

Dulith Herath

Chairman – Kapruka Holdings (PLC)
Co-Founder – Superbox